The cellar

A historic cellar

The cellar, located in the historic center of Tocco da Casauria and today subject to architectural constraints, is the same as always: the one in which the grapes grown in the family fiefdom were traditional, which continues with the use of modern methods.
The company's decision to keep the intended use of the historic building led, in fact, to the need to introduce technological equipment that would allow it
the production of wines with updated methodologies.

Here then peacefully coexist the cold production plant,
used to control the fermentations and storage of wines, with the irregularity of the beautiful stone slab floor quarried on the Majella, the heat exchanger for must's refrigeration with the cross vaults, the timed automation system, and then, perfectly integrated with the old furniture, the air conditioning system, the filters, the pumps, the soft press, the destemmer.

Old and new come together in the warmth of this place whose ability to
enchantment touches the 1550 hl. among fine Slavonian oak barrels, barriques, stainless steel tanks and vitrified cement.
The hospitable kindness of the hosts is the frame for everyone, who have enthusiastic words with which to describe their work, their wines, their life.